Month: October 2020

Q&A – Charlie McGowan

Since he began playing at the club in 2013 Charlie has proved himself to be one of the most enthusiastic and able members of the club. Though still only 14, he’s been ‘one to watch’ for several years.

He’s impressed his coaches with his attitude. With his teammate Haydn Jackson he trains for lengthy periods – it can be difficult to get them off the table at times! Charlie has a really creative aspect to his game with lots of variation and subtlety to his play.

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Hannah & Borkowicz set to battle for Murrayfield crown

Despite the restrictions imposed by Covid-19, Murrayfield have been able to hold their 2020 club championship. It has been taking place at the club’s Pop up & Play venue at the Gyle Shopping Centre over the last fortnight. The semi-final stage was reached this week. There are now only two players with a chance of winning the championship.

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TOPSPIN Sports – new sponsor for Murrayfield TTC!

We are delighted to announce a new sponsor for Murrayfield TTC – TOPSPIN Sports! TOPSPIN are the main UK distributors of Donic equipment and will offer members reductions on Donic equipment.

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