Month: September 2020

Q&A – Calum Morrison

Calum Morrison has been part of Murrayfield Table Tennis Club for roughly 12 years. Since he began he has shown an excellent attitude in training and calmness in match situations. In junior sessions he was often the first to get on the table and the last to leave it. His play has been marked by a high level of consistency and mental focus. This was illustrated in some amazing ELTTL Handicap Cup matches in which he clawed back huge deficits-often winning 20 + plus points in a row!

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Spot the Ball

The overall winner of our Spot the Ball competition was Jason Fleming! Congratulations to Jason (490 points)! It was a long drive but we’ve made it to the end. The end of the competition was very tight. The last round decided the victory, with Jason winning the final round and thereby the grand prize – a £60 voucher to TOPSPIN Sports.

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‘Murrayfield North’ in the news!

John Yau’s determined efforts to continue playing table tennis during lockdown have attracted press attention. This is from the Evening News from September the 1st. No mention of insect bites or crawling through the undergrowth for balls though…

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